Copyright © 2009-2016 Design by Freddie Visser Welcome to Dantech Engineering. Please feel free to browse our pages. For any querries or information please feel free to contact us at any time or follow us on twitter, youtube or facebook. Dantech has been serving the country since 1998. We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of conveying and material handling systems in the fruit & vegetable industry.
Services We are a fully independent manufacturing, maintaining, upgrading and updating company and are able to fabricate to suit the exact needs of our clients. By following strict QCP's in our production we are able to ensure that our machines are of excellent quality. Dantech Engineering & Dantech Services offers anything from individual machines to complete conveyor systems, which are manufactured in either stainless steel (member of sassda) or mild steel, in a variety of finishes depending on the requirement. Dantech Engineering and Dantech Services specialize in maintaining and upgrading of all packaging and bottling plants working with conveying, packaging & material handling systems. Our aim is to provide a specialized maintenance service to all your existing machines, be it a structural problem or electronic problem. We also do upgrades to existing machines or upgrades by means of manufacturing a completely new machine or servicing plant. Our market is to be in many different industries for both unit and bulk handling. Some examples of where we want to be include: food processing plants, production lines, packaging plants, breweries, bakeries, Agri-industry, mining, warehousing and distribution. Our aim is to maintain and upgrade machines like conveyor belts, sorting tables, and packaging machines, strapping machines, electronic machines and programming. We are a multi-faceted company specialising in conveying and process engineering and would be providing the industry with distinctive high quality equipment. Our offices and workshop are situated in Strand, Western Cape. Dantech Engineering & Dantech Services expertise is a culmination of over 10 years of hands on experience in both the conveying and Agri-food process industries, having completed numerous projects throughout South Africa. We pride ourselves of our design capabilities and of being a completely independent manufacturing, maintaining and upgrading company thus enabling us to offer custom made systems to suit our client’s exact needs. This includes the supply, installation and commissioning of all our equipment. Our conveying experience is unsurpassed, and over the years we have developed and manufactured a wide variety of conveying, packaging and material handling equipment, allowing us to meet virtually any material handling requirement. EXTRA SERVICES We offer a bending & cutting service with a 100ton hydraulic press bender with 3.5m bending capability for any bending work needed as well as a guillotine that can cut up to 6mm mild steel and 4mm stainless steel with a 2.5m cutting blade. Then we also do designing and manufacturing drawings of any kind. We are fully equipped for any engineering work, our workshop contains a Lathe machine, Milling machine, 100T Bender, Guillotine, Plasma cutter, 3D Printer, Welding machines and general workshop equipment.